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  • Owner of ProScalp Scalp Micropigmentation Center

  • Internationally certified SMP practitioner

  • Scalp micropigmentation client himself

Mav began his journey after receiving scalp micropigmentation procedure himself. Seeing the amazing transformation first hand, he made a life changing decision to put up a center specializing in scalp micropigmentation. He immediately sought help from one of the early world pioneering companies in the field. He underwent an extensive training to become a certified SMP practitioner with the world renowned SMP company-- Scalp Culture.  The british company is the number 1 scalp micropigmentation company in the United Kingdom and Thailand.  Learning and mastering the UK standards of scalp micropigmentation, he can ensure that each client receives only the best treatment and expect amazing natural-looking results.


"As a client of scalp micropigmentation myself, I understand better the struggles of men and women who are still battling hair loss and  I promise as an SMP practitioner and advocate to help them defy balding, restore their confidence, reinvent the way they look and make them feel happier.  Scalp micropigmentation is currently the best solution for all types hair loss that offers guaranteed results in no time."

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