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What is scalp micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation or SMP is a non-invasive procedure that uses microneedle to deposit specialized (organic) pigments into the scalp. It creates the appearance of tiny hair follicles to restore the look of a fuller head of hair. The procedure replicates your natural hair follicles while adding density to thinning areas.

Is the result permanent?

Scalp micropigmentation is permanent with maintenance touch ups along the way.  A minor touch up may be needed every 3-5 years just to enhance the color again because slight fading over time might happen due to sun exposure. How often touch ups are required is mainly dependent on how long you are exposed to the sun and also on how heavy you sweat. We would advice you to use higher SPF sunscreen if your scalp is going to be exposed directly to the sun for a longer period than usual.

At ProScalp, we offer a 1 year guarantee on our treatment. In the event that you do need to come in for a touch up during that period of time, there will be no additional charge.

How long does the procedure take?

On average, it takes 2-3 sessions to complete the treatment and create the desired look. The length of each session varies, depending on the amount of work required but on average it takes about 3-4 hours for each session. There is also at least 7 day interval between each session to allow the scalp to fully heal.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a complete treatment varies depending on the level or severity of hair loss, which is different for each client and if one wishes to keep his or her remaining hair at a certain length. To give a ball park figure for a moderate to severe hair loss, it will be anywhere from Php 45,000 to Php 65,000 for a complete treatment.  That's 2-3 sessions plus 1 free touch up as part of our 1 year guarantee on our treatment.


To get an instant quote, privately send us high quality pictures of your head (front, top and back) via our social media channels, email, MMS  or schedule a free actual consultation with us.

For the payment, we require 50% downpayment when you come in for your first session and the remaining balance on your second.

Is SMP just for men?

Scalp micropigmentation is effective in treating hair loss in men and women. Like men, women can suffer from balding as they lose hair due to events such as childbirth, surgery, stress, and more.

Will people notice that I have had this procedure done?

With the kind of technique we use, the look is unbelievably realistic! If you don’t tell them, they won’t know. Some clients tell us they get curiosity stares and followed by compliments that their hair is growing back and looks fuller.

How will I look immediately after each session?

Right after each session,  some clients may notice redness on the scalp which is normal. It should go away after a few more hours. The pigment’s initial color may appear darker after each session, getting to your ideal color will only take up to 1-2 weeks once they completely heal and settle into the scalp.

Is SMP the same as a regular body tattoo or permanent make-up like eyebrows?

Although scalp micropigmentation can be thought as a special form of tattoo, it is very different from the regular body tattoos or even permanent make-up ones out there.  Scalp micropigmentation is a highly specialized procedure which requires proper certification-based training to carry out. Also, the equipment and ink/pigments used are different from a regular body or permanent make-up tattoos. 

At ProScalp, we only use pigments specifically made for the scalp which are also carbon based and organic.  The same goes with the needles and machine used.  We make use of the thinnest specification of needles that are meant to be used only for SMP and the machine that can handle the type of technique required in scalp micropigmentation.

It would be unwise for any individual to visit a regular body tattoo or eyebrow unless the practitioner has been trained and certified internationally to carry out SMP procedure.

Does it hurt?

SMP hurts significantly less than having a regular tattoo. While some clients experience mild discomfort during the procedure some actually fall asleep because they do not feel it much. For others the discomfort typically becomes more tolerable as the session progresses. Some areas of the scalp have more denser nerve endings than others particularly the frontal hairline region where clients typically report some discomfort.

Can I still get this procedure even I have gray hair?

Absolutely! Most clients are recommended to cut their hair to a short buzzed length. When this is done, gray hair does not appear as gray because the hair root itself is darker. Hair only shows gray as it gets longer. We tweak our pigment in a way that it can be adjusted in shade to blend with lighter hair tones. We simply create a lighter dilution for blending into the existing gray hair.

Can SMP camouflage unwanted scars on scalp?

Yes, by replicating tiny hair follicles inside the scarring and blending them with the remaining hair around the scarred area, you will see a big difference in concealment.  SMP can be applied to treat hair transplant scars  and even medical condition like Alopecia.

Is there an aftercare I should do after treatment?

In the first 3 days following each session, you must avoid getting your scalp wet. This includes both washing and sweating in the treated scalp. When showering, ensure that neither water nor shampoo does not reach your scalp. We will provide you with shower caps and other aftercare products you are  only allowed to use. Avoid activities that may cause you to sweat, such as running, biking and over-exposure to the sun. Going about your normal daily work or routine is fine, so long as they do not cause you to sweat. Full aftercare instructions will be given to you on your first session.

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